Adi Kailash Yatra


Adi Kailash & Om Parvat Yatra

Located at the boundary of Nepal and Tibet, Adi Kailash and Om Parvat are the hidden gems of Uttarakhand. The destination is majorly famous among adventure lovers and Lord Shiva devotees. The trek of Adi Kailash and Om Parvat is known for its wonderful environment, natural beauty, flora and fauna, and cultural and traditional villages. 

Since Adi Kailash & Om Parvat Yatra is a lesser-known tour, therefore yatries have a lot of queries regarding the same. We feel it is our duty to give all the possible details of the destination so that the Bhole Bhakts are at ease and do not have any issues in planning for their trip to Adi Kailash and Om Parvat

The frequently asked questions about Chota Kailash Haldwani have been grouped into the most pertinent sections so that readers may easily understand them. You may find comprehensive information on the following subjects on this page:

During the monsoon season, it is well-advised ,not to travel in any hilly area as the weather and climate conditions can get worse leading to various incidents such as landslides, mass debris in roads etc. However, you can still visit Adi Kailash and Om Parvat keeping 2 or 3 days extra in hand because the Adi Kailash & Om Parvat Darshan might get delayed due to the clouds and monsoon.

July to mid-August is considered as the Monsoon season in Adi Kailash & Om Parvat region. You should plan for the yatra before the monsoon or after the monsoon as it is more convenient .But rainfall is really unpredictable in the mountain regions and sometimes even weather forecast is not able to predict accurate information. A delay of 2 days or 3 days might happen during these situation.Yatris needs to keep calm and be patient during these situations.BRO and authorities take quick action with clearing of roads and helping yatris as soon as possible.

Adi Kailash and Om parvat Yatra starts in mid-May and lasts till mid-October. The best time to visit is from mid-may to June and September to mid-October. It is advisable to avoid yatra during the monsoon days of July and August. Post monsoon months of September to mid October are also good as rush is less and the weather is pleasant and clear. After mid-Oct chances of snowfall are high and many regions above dharchula are snow-covered hence all roads are blocked up until April.

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