Jyotrilingam is a devotional  representation of Lord Shiva.  In which the word 'Jyoti’ means  ‘Light/ Radiance’ and ‘Lingam’ means Sign /mark, so the word Jyotrilinga represents Radiant Sign of Lord Shiva. According to Shiva Puran is it said there are 64  jyotirlinga shrines out of which 12 Jotirlingas are the most sacred and are believed to be Swayambhu, which means they were created without human interference when Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu were arguing over who is superior,Lord Shiva appeared as a pillar of sun and ask both Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu to find the end of the pillars it is said that the places where light of these pillar fell is  believed to be where Jyotirlinga are located.It is belived that Jyotirlinga  represent the twelve different forms of Lord Shiva, and visiting all 12 Jyotrilinga will help them achieving Moksha,or liberation from the cycle of birth and death and each Jyotrilinga is different manifestion of Lord Shiva.


These 12 luminious embodiments of Lord Shiva are revered in hinduism for their profound spiritual significance. Setting out on a journey to these 12 divine locations across india is not just a travel experience but a path to spiritual awakening and Moksha.




These jyotirlingas are spread across different regions of India:


Somnath(Gujarat), Nageshwar(Dwarka), Bhimashankar(Pune) ,Trimbakeshwar (Maharastra) Grishneswhar (Aurangabad) ,Vaidyanath (Jharkhand) ,Mahakaleshwar (Madhyapradesh) ,Omkareshwar (Madhyapradesh) ,Kashi Vishwanath (Uttarpradesh), Kedarnath (Uttarakhan), Rameshwaram (Tamil nadu), Malikarjuna (Andhrapradesh)..  






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