Guidelines For Mt. Kailash Darshan Yatra

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Guidelines For Mt. Kailash Darshan Yatra | Complete Guide of Mansarovar Darshan Yatra

Mt. Kailash Darshan Guidelines 

  • Treat the mountains with respect & don’t show your heroism there when going for Kailash Parvat ke darshan.
  • Walk in rhythmic pace, it will save you from early tiredness & accidents during Kailash Darshan.
  • Drink a lot of water during trekking. Liquid diet will always help you. Keep 3-4 packets of electrol to be used during Kailash Parvat Kora (Parikrima). 
  • Apply sun cream on exposed body parts, especially during Kailash Mountain Kora (Parikrima).
  • Mansarovar Lake water is usually very cold & if your body doesn’t allow, then don’t go far bath there. Sprinkling Manasarovar Lake water on body is believed equally to bath.
  • Trek in small groups. Trekking alone may result in risk.
  • Liaison Officer is supposed to be most experienced person for journey. All must follow his instructions in all circumstances of Kailash Yatra.
  • Make sure to take proper meals throughout journey of Kailash Parvat Darshan. Liquid diet will give you strength.
  • Don’t carry heavy bag pack during Kora of Mt. Kailash (Parikrima).
  • Never consume Alcohol during Kailash Journey.

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