Sapta Puri

The Sapta Puris are the seven holiest cities in India. ‘Sapta’ means ‘Seven’ and ‘Puri’ means ‘Town’. These seven holy cities are also called SAPTA MOKSHA "the cities of liberation" or the SAPTA TIRTHA ~ Seven Places of Pilgrimage. It is generally believed that visiting these cities put an end to the cycle of death and rebirth and bring out MOKSHA (liberation). According to holy scripts of hindus these are among the places you must visit to attain MOKSHA.

Cities included in Sapta Puri Yatra are : Ayodha( Uttarpradesh), Mathura (Uttar Pradesh), Dwarka (Gujarat), Haridwar (Uttrakhand), Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh), Kanchipuram (Tamilnadu), Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh).

Each town has a strong connection with hindu deities like Ayodha is the birthplace of lord rama while mathura is the birth place of lord krishna who is also the creator of one of the sapta puris Dwarka fourth city of Sapt Puri, Haridwar literally means Hari Ka Dwar (gateway to god) it is the place where hindus comes before going on char dham for the ritualistic bath in holy water of Holy Ganga. whereas Kashi is called as city of Lord Shiva.while Kanchipuram is considered as kashi of south also called as city of temples which has approximately 108 Shaiva and 18 Vaishnava temples.and Ujjain known for being the location of one of the 12 Jyotrilinga is also the place where Maha Kumbha Mela take place every 12 year. There is no specific order of doing Sapta Puris Yatra.

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