The Amarnath Shivlingam

Amarnath Shivlingam: The Swayambhu Lingam made of snow

The Amarnath Shivlingam

The supremacy of Linga in Amaranth is central to the Hinduism beliefs. This is the main reason all the Hindus desire to visit this place at least once in their lifetime. Nature has in store miracles and one such miracle is Amarnath Shivalinga, also known as Ice Shiva Linga. Inside the cave, are four stalagmites formed of ice. The biggest cylindrical structure is considered symbolic to Lord Shiva; on the left to it the ice formation is regarded as Lord Ganesha and the two on right are manifestation of Goddess Parvati and Bhairava. The size of Lingam never remains the same every year. The ice Shivalinga waxes during May to August and the gradually wanes.

Shaivaites believe it to be a manifestation of Lord Shiva. The cave waxes during the summer, and as per Hindus belief, Linga grows and shrinks according to the periods of the moon. However, there is need of more studies to understand the entire phenomenon, this place is considered to be a divine place for the reason that Lord Shiva has explained about the meaning of life, secrets of life and eternity to divine to his wife at the cave.

Interested Unknown Facts about Lord Shiva:

He is the Adiyogi, he is the destroyer of bad and protector of good and he is the core of belief. Shiva is pleased easily is what Hindus say. When a person believes him whole heartedly then he blesses them with all that they want. Though these are hard to believe, ancestors and culture depict these facts. He is known for granting boons and working out them true immediately. The unusual excellence from Shiva is measured to be outstanding.  Shiva is a divine being who is known for various things. He is literally having the Shaivaites as his worshippers.

Special facts about Amaranth Swayambhu Shivlinga

The Amarnath Yatra and the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra are two of the most popular pilgrimage tours among the devotees of Lord Shiva. The Bhole Bhakts love to visit Amarnath in Shravani Mela. Shravan month holds very important for Shiva devotees because on full moon day of Shravan Lord Shiva initiated his presence in the cave and this is whenthe lingam reaches its maximum height(more than 6 ft). When a person visits, the Amarnath caves, he can have certain discoveries and histories. The story narrated by people who have already visited goes like this. The cave is of a shepherd, and he is one who has been given credit for discovering this cave. A saint gave this shepherd a bag of coal and it turned out to be gold coins when he opened in his home. This pleased him much. He thought to thank the said saint and hence ran back, but he was not found there. Instead, he saw this cave and Shiva Linga placed. Then, he passed on the word about this story and pilgrimage. Later this place became a holy cave.

Formation of the Swayambhu Shivalinga

When the snow melts from the Himalayas its water runs to the rocks of cave’s roof. The infiltrating water drops freezes and form lingam, hence the Amarnath Shivalingam is called Swayambhu Shivling. As per science, these stalagmites project upward from the floor of limestone cave naturally.

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