Tips for Amarnath Yatra

Tips for Amarnath Yatra: The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Yatra to Amarnath Cave

Tips for Amarnath Yatra

Amarnath is situated in the Lidder valley, East of Jammu & Kashmir capital. As this is literally a trekking than a pilgrimage, people need to be aware of do's and dont's. Dressing for the trip is essential because one needs to be comfortable when they are reaching at an altitude of 3000 km. It is advised to carry sufficient woolens and sweaters. Other things that are needed would be torches and sleeping bags. The place is covered with many mountain and caves, people cannot find a luxury home or a place to stay. So, it is advisable to take everything that you need for a mountain or forest trekking.  Ladies are advised to use western wear or salwar as sarees will not be comfortable. Be as comfortable as possible because when the travel is steeper, you need balance to withstand it. It will become difficult if sarees are flowing here and there.

Check for medical fitness

Medical posts are set up on each and every route, and it is mainly to ensure that tourists are safe and secure. There are a lot of possibilities for medical emergencies because people often get breathing troubles. People also encounter falling from the horses and sliding along the ice which results in getting hurt. So, to take care of these emergencies, qualified doctors are set up everywhere around the caves. They cater the service for free of cost. Pilgrims, however, requested to take a medical checkup before starting this trek. 

Provisions on the trip Amarnath Yatra

A provision in the caves is not up to the luxury level, but it is good enough. It is hard to set up all kinds of luxury in a mountainous region where the climate is completely unpredictable. So, one cannot expect a luxurious trip, but an adventurous trip is guaranteed. When mentioning about all these adventures, always there is a hazardous nature which will make things unpredictable. So, when travelling to this Yatra, it is always advised to have insurance for them. The tourists should hold the life insurance and then proceed for the Yatra. This is in view of the perilous nature and for the safety of the tourists. Accommodation is basically a good tent only where there is no major investment involved.

Preparation tips for the Yatra

1. Start doing some exercises and so that the body is getting more flexible. Prepare yourselves to tolerate some cold because the conditions are sadly very bad there. Have the hope of doing it and seek blessings of Lord Shiva. Chant the mantras and always have the faith that the supreme power wants worshippers to be confident. Yoga classes will be very helpful if someone doesn’t have an experience before.

2. Trekking and short trips to hill stations will help in realizing the needful that has to be done. Basically, a forest trekking can be tried because similar things will be needed on this Yatra.

3. Always try to carry the emergency items in hand, and the rest can be given to the Pony Walla.

4. More than making the body under control, it is highly important to bring your mind under control. When someone is seeing some steep mountains for the first time, it is highly identical to get scared of it. So, prepare the mind first and later your body.

5. A person who is travelling to this Yatra has one mind changing risk. That is the health conditions. People have faced a lot of difficulties even when they have the medical fitness certificate. There are certain things that need care when someone is heading to this pilgrimage.

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