Shri Pashupatinath Temple, Kathmandu

Shri Pashupatinath Temple, Kathmandu: The Temple of the Patron deity of Nepal

Shri Pashupati Nath Temple, Kathmandu

On the sanctified city of Nepal, Shri Pashupatinathji Temple increases the beauty of the place. It is one of the most prominent Hindu temples since ancient times and exists on the Bagmati River of Kathmandu. This religious temple holds the holy symbol the almighty, Lord Shiva.

Hindus have deep faith and religious values for the Nepal Pashupatinath temple. Thousands of Hindus and international tourists come to experience the divinity of this place. Unlike the other Nepal temples, Pashupatinath Temple of Nepal is the collation of pure shrines, ashrams, inscriptions, and various other religious rituals performed here. The Pashupati Nath Mandir enjoys a special listing on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites since the era of 1979.

Why you must visit Pashupati Nath Temple Nepal?

  • If you are a peace lover, there is no peaceful temple as quite as this one. Instead of the noisy bells, loud aartis, and crowded devotees or disciples, you will find divine seldom here.
  • Lord Shiva followers and believers must visit this place once in a lifetime. Maha Shivaratri is celebrated on a grand scale and you simply can’t miss that.
  • At the entrance of the door, you will be amazed to see a huge statue of Lord Shivas Nandi Bull, followed by various other shrines. The architecture of the place is quite captivating for the tourists.
  • The style of the temple is constructed in a Nepalese pagoda design. The main idol with silver serpent is the highlight of the temple.
  • It is only in this temple you will find Pashupati’s Shiva Lingam dressed in Golden Vastra. Those who are willing to bathe the lingam in milk and Ganga jal must wait for Abhishakam. Only the priests of the temple are allowed to perform this ritual.
  • If you love the colorful festivals of India, you must visit during Bala Chaturthi, Teej, and Maha Shivaratri.

Religious Beliefs of Kathmandu Pashupatinath Temple:

There are amazing stories attached with the temple that increases the excitement of exploring the place. One of them states when Lord Shiva took the form of an antelope, the other gods tried to hold him and force him to perform his divine powers. The broken horn was worshipped for many years.

It is also believed that a group of herdsmen noticed their cow pouring its milk on the soil and they found the Sacred Linga of Pashupatinath Kathmandu Temple after digging the soil deep.

The serene beauty of the Pashupatinath Nepal Temple and its surrounding area is a must see for every explorer. Start planning today!

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