Yam Dwar

Yam Dwar

About Yam Dwar

The literal meaning of Yam Dwar is “the gateway of the God of Death”. Yamdwar plays an important place in the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra as it is the starting point of Mount Kailash Parikrama. It is believed that Yam Devta himself has been guarding the holy place of Lord Shiva.

Yam Dwar is known as Tarboche in the Tibetan Language. As per Tibetan beliefs, there is a Flagpole erected at the Yam Dwar. Each year the Flagpole is replaced by the new one in a ceremony held on Full Moon Day. The Tibetans take rounds of the Flagpole. The whole ceremony is a must-watch sight for the eyes.

Yam Dwar is said to be a mysterious place. There are many sayings about this place, such as:

  • It is not possible to stay in Yam Dwar. Ghosts are said to kill people if they stay here. In the past, many people died of unknown causes after spending the night at Yam Dwar. There is still no answer as to why these people died.

  • As per a popular belief, One must not look back at the Yam Dwar once you have crossed it. You must always look forward and continue walking on the Kailash Parikrama route without looking back.

Location of Yam Dwar:

Yam Dwar is situated about 15-20km from Darchen in Tibet- the Autonomous region of China. It is believed that South is the direction of Yamaraj (The God of Death), hence Yam Dwar is located near the South face of Mount Kailash. It is the point from where you enter the abode of Lord Shiva.

Significance of Yam Dwar:

As per Hindu mythology, Yamaraj (the God of Death) brings mortal souls to his Yamlok and makes the judgment of their deeds after death. Chitragupta is the accountant of Yamraj who keeps a record of all the good and bad deeds of each and every individual. As per belief, if you pass through Yamdwar then Chitragupta removes all your evil deeds from the book of judgment and hence gives you a place in heaven.