Nandi Parvat

Nandi Parvat

About Nandi Parvat:

As the name suggests, the Nandi Parvat resembles the shape and appearance of Nandi- the vehicle (sawari) of Lord Shiva. It is said that wherever Lord Shiva is there, Nandi Ji is present there as his gatekeeper. Similarly one can sight Nandi Ji near Mount Kailash- the abode of Lord Shiva.

Nandi ji is a symbol of courage, faith, and justice, and is believed to be the protector of Dharma. The Nandi Parvat is a matter of great surprise because such a creation at this height cannot be manmade. It is a magical mountain and completely a natural creation.

Location of Nandi Parvat:

The Nandi Parvat is present right in front of the South Face of Mount Kailash. It is clearly visible from Yam Dwar and is located in close proximity to the Saptarishi caves.

Significance of Nandi Parvat:

Nandi Ji is believed to be the messenger of Lord Shiva. As per saying Lord Shiva is in deep meditation at Mount Kailash and he cannot hear the wishes of the common man. Nandi Ji is the one who listens to all the wishes of the Bhole Bhakts and delivers their messages to Lord Shiva. The Kailash Mansarovar yatra is incomplete without worshipping the Nandi Parvat.