Most cost-effective helicopter routes for Kailash Yatra

Most cost-effective helicopter routes for Kailash Yatra

Most cost-effective helicopter routes for Kailash Yatra

Two kailash mansarovar yatra packages deserve special mention: one starts from Lucknow and the other starts from Kathmandu.

  1. Helicopter route from Lucknow: This is a route that can take anywhere between 5 and 11 days and is not only a very convenient one for people who have a busy work-life, but also for those who are not physically very fit. Here are the salient points of this route:
  • Lucknow: This is the starting point where the pilgrims meet and then move towards Nepalgunj in AC train coach.
  • Nepalgunj: This is where the pilgrims will be staying overnight in a good hotel and also be briefed by experts regarding what they can expect during the Yatra. Next morning, they will drive to the Simikot airport.
  • Simikot: The Yatris will enjoy a halt here after which they will take a helicopter ride to the town of Hilsa. Here, the whole group will be assembled before moving to Purang.
  • Purang: After reaching Purang, the pilgrims will be able to rest and reconvene in a hotel, where they will have dinner and spend the night.
  • Lake Mansarovar: After spending time in Purang where pilgrims would be able to buy food items and do a bit of shopping, they will be taken directly to Lake Mansarovar in a Volvo Bus. They will do pooja or holy bath here at Lake Mansarovar. There after they will go to Darchen.
  • Darchen – Also known as base camp of Mt.Kailash. This is the place where you can shop for your needs. Pilgrims who don’t want to go for parikrama can stay here. Witness the Majestic Mt.Kailash from Darchin.
  • Parikrama’ and return: After reaching Yamdwar, those who want to do the ‘parikrama’ will be guided by experts and those who can’t or don’t want to will be able to pay their respects, do ‘yagna’ or any other religious ritual they want to at Mount Kailash. Then, it’s back to Purang, Hilsa, Simikot and then Lucknow.
  1. Helicopter route from Kathmandu: This is another cost-effective route for people who want to go on the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra. Following are the salient points of this route:
  • Kathmandu: Pilgrims will have to reach Kathmandu airport on their own where they can avail of the pick-up facility to reach the hotel arranged by the tour operator. They can enjoy the local sights including many Hindu temples during the day and after spending the night in the hotel, they will take a flight to Nepalgunj.
  • Nepalgunj: At the hotel, the pilgrims will enjoy their breakfast, after which they will be briefed about what they can expect on the Yatra and how they should conduct themselves.
  • Simikot and Hilsa: From Nepalgunj, a flight will be taken by pilgrims to reach Simikot where they will again sit on a helicopter to reach Hilsa.
  • Purang: Next stop is Purang, where pilgrims can buy dry fruits, woolen clothes, trekking stick and water gallon.
  • Lake Mansarovar: From Purang, pilgrims will travel to the foot of Mount Kailash by AC bus. One can trek, or one can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere there and stay overnight in the guesthouse.
  • Return journey: Pilgrims will be able to return by the same route they used to reach the lake and from Kathmandu airport, they can then return back to their homes.

Both these kailash mansarovar yatra packages range between Rs 1,50,000 to Rs 1,80,000.

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