Bageshwari Devi Temple

Bageshwari Devi Temple

About Bageshwari Devi Temple:

Bageshwari Devi Temple is one of the oldest Hindu temples in Nepal. It is dedicated to Goddess Durga. The temple is also famous for the Man-sized standing statue of Khadeshwar Moustache Mahadev which is located in the centre of the Bageshwari pond on the temple premises. The temple area also has several other smaller temples including that of Lord Buddha, Lord Ganesha statue and Lord Hanuman. The daily worship in the temple is done by Tantric and Vedic Methods.

Talking about the history of Bageshwari Devi Temple, it is said that around the 14th century, the Guru disciples of Nath Sampradaya used to visit this place. The Goddess appeared in the dream of the Guru and told him that this place belongs to her and that a temple should be built here. The Guru shishya used to build the wall with mud from the pond but it used to collapse at night. This continued for six days and on the 7th day, the goddess reappeared in Guruji’s dream and told him that the temple cannot be built without a sacrifice. Guru Siddha Yogi Siddhanath asked his disciples to dig a pit in which he will sit and then that pit needs to be bridged and covered. This place is still present in the south corner of the temple in hexagonal form.Nepali people call it Jiundo Samadhi.

Location of Bageshwari Devi Temple:

Bageshwari Devi Temple is located in the heart of Nepalgunj, the largest city in the developing Midwest region. It is said that the land on which the temple is built was given by Maharaja of Balrampur. He gave 87 bighas of land at Karmohana in Janki Village of Banke District.

The temple of Bageshwari Devi can be covered only on the Helicopter route of Kailash Mansarovar Yatra.

Significance of Bageshwari Devi Temple:

The Bageshwari Devi Temple is one of the most important temples in Nepal. It has been the centre of faith and devotion for ages. Thousands of devotees from around the country visit the temple every year to seek the blessings of Maa Durga, especially during the Dashain Festival (the biggest festival in Nepal). The temple is crowded with people who want to pray to the Goddess and make animal sacrifices.

The people used to sacrifice goat at Bageshwari Devi Temple earlier when their wish was granted. Now the temple has taken a very good initiative by not cutting the goat of sacrifice and leaving it free in the temple premises.

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