About Charansparsh:

The word Charansparsh is an amalgamation of two Hindi words- Charan meaning feet and Sparsh meaning touch. Hence the complete meaning of this word is to touch the feet. Charansparsh in Kailash Mansarovar Yatra is touching Mount Kailash from close. Mount Kailash is in the shape of Shivalingam which symbolises Lord Shiva, so when we go for Charansparsh of Mount Kailash it gives you the feeling of touching the feet of Lord Shiva.

Location of Charansparsh:

Charansparsh is located at the foothill of the North Face of Mount Kailash. One can go for Charansparsh on the first day of Mount Kailash Parikrama. The first day of Mount Kailash Parikrama is 10km from Yamdwar to Dhirapuk. After reaching Dhirpauk, one needs to trek for another 4 to 5 km to reach Charansparsh. The trek to Charansparsh is quite difficult as there is no proper path to it and harsh climatic conditions prevail in the region.

Significance of Charansparsh:

As per scientific research, there is a flow of vibrations in the human body and touching the feet encourages the flow of energy, happiness and blessings. Hence going for Charansparsh during Kailash Mansarovar Yatra offers immense satisfaction and rejuvenates the mind and soul of the Bhole Bhakts.

How to go for Charansparsh?:

One needs to complete the Day 1 of Mount Kailash Parikrama of 10km from Yamdwar to Dirapuk as soon as possible and then proceed for Charansparsh. You will have to take the help of Sherpa in going for Charansparsh and you will have to give him some tip for this as it not a part of Kailash Mansarovar Yatra tour package. It is an another trek of 4 to 5km and the path is very narrow.

It is advised if you are physically confident then only proceed for Charansparsh as the wind blowing there is very fast and cold. You might also have to trek on snow. There is no proper pah, hence going to Charansparsh is possible only by trek and no pony or vehicle can reach there.

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