What Kind Of Food Is Served On The Tour?

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra Food: What Kind Of Food Is Served On The Mansarovar Tour?

What Kind Of Food Is Served On The Kailash Mansarovar Tour?

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra is generally a long trip of around fifteen days or more, depending upon the chosen tour package. People plan to go on this Yatra as per their religion, and for tourism purposes too. But since the area to be visited is mountainous, one cannot expect all the comforts and convenience to be served during the trip. Living on the mountains is a tough task, especially when you are doing Kailash Mansarovar Yatra. So, getting good food to live upon is one of the main concerns of the travelers or pilgrims who want to go on Kailash Yatra. Some people can be found worried about the food quality to such an extent, that they are unable to do the Yatra at all. During the course of the trip, food is not given primary importance by the pilgrims. Still, it is important to know about the kind of food that will be served during the trip.

Connection between Choice of Tour Package and Food Served

In most cases, the cost of all the meals, including breakfast, lunch or dinner is included in the Kailash Yatra tour package bought by the pilgrims. Still, it depends on the package you are buying, and from whom you are buying it. This is one of the reasons why people are recommended to book the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra package from a renowned, reliable tour operator. 

As a part of the group who goes for Kailash Yatra altogether, there is mostly a cook in it along with the tour representative. He is assigned the duty to prepare meals for the whole group, wherever the pilgrims are made to stay. All the supplies that are required for the course of the trip, are taken along when starting the trip from Kathmandu. As said above, you cannot expect to get a menu of dishes to be served when you are doing the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra. Still, you will be given good quality vegetarian food during the trip. Pasta, noodles, rice, roti, packed soups etc. are regularly served to the tourists and pilgrims. 

Other than this, fresh fruits and vegetables can be bought in Tibet, when you reach there during Kailash Yatra at good rates. Also, drinking water bottles are made available at most of the places.  

Also, depending on the guest houses and monasteries you will be made to stay in, you will be served good quality food there too. 

Why Asking the Tour Operator about Food is Important?

Most of the pilgrims or tourists feel good and adaptive to the food served during the Kailash Yatra. But in some situations, some people do not like to eat the food served during the trip. They want the same food as what they eat when at home, which is not exactly possible. 

That is why it is always good for pilgrims who are planning to go on Kailash Yatra to discuss food-related aspects with the chosen tour operator. To maintain transparency and to avoid problems in the future, renowned tour operators who organize Kailash Yatra tell the truth to the tourists while booking a package for them. 

One can also ask about some specific food to be served, in case he is not feeling well or is allergic to certain kinds of food. 

Carry Some Snacks and Healthy Eatables with You

Not everyone likes to eat the same kind of food. Neither do people have the same eating habits. So, depending on your likes and preferences, it is always good to carry some snacks with you, like dry fruits, chocolates, chips and similar other tidbits. Once you reach Nepal as a part of your trip and all the eatables you have taken along get finished, you can refill your bags with snacks while being there in Kathmandu by visiting the market area around. You can then enjoy the snacks items you buy, in the trip ahead. 

Be Ready to Enjoy Regional Cuisines

Other than the food we commonly eat, it always feels good to taste something new that we have never eaten before. As a part of the Kailash Yatra, you may also find some Chinese dishes being served to you. So, be ready to taste different foods, and serve your taste buds.  

Food Related Advice for the Trip

The climate of the mountainous region you visit during Kailash Yatra is not as same as that of plains. Since your body is not accustomed to living in the mountains, it is best to avoid overeating as a part of the food. Even Satvik food can be made available during the trip, and eating that is the best way to stay healthy during the trip. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to enjoy the trip the most, if you become sick because of your eating habits. So, do prefer to eat only healthy food during the trip.

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