Om Parvat rahasya

Om Parvat Rahasya: Know about the secrets behind the Magical Mountain on Earth

Secrets of OM Parvat

There is so much to talk about and write about the mysteries and facts about the Holy mountain Om Parvat with a certain aspect of mythology, which is just unbelievable until you see it from your own eye. The unbelievable impression of OM  is the most fascinating characteristic of this peak which is naturally formed with the deposition of snow against the black background of the holy mountain. The mystery or a miracle here will take you closer to God and will remove all your illusions. It is still a mystery that how the snow falling on the mountain takes the formation of OM without any human-made structure on the mountain.

OM has a powerful meaning and significance, also called AUM is considered sacred and resonates with high spiritual energy. Just from a few kilometers of Om Parvat, you can see the divine mountain  Kailash. It is said that when the Sun as it sinks below, the holy mountain Om Parvat is said to cast a shadow, which has a striking resemblance to the religious symbol of Swastika, which is also considered as an auspicious sign amongst the Hindus.


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