All Details About Adi Kailash Yatra

All Details About Adi Kailash Yatra

Adi Kailash

Shiva’s second home Adi Kailash is approx. 60 KMs before to Mt Kailash & falls in Indian territory. Mt. Adi Kailash is the place where Shiva meditated, halted for 1st night while going for his marriage & Ravana got boon of 10 heads.

Om Parvat

Om Mountain in Pithauragarh of Uttrakhand is probably among rare mountains which fall in 3 countries. Adorned with Shiva’s sign of ॐ on top of it, this is the only mountain could be found among total 8 which exists similarly on the planet. This strange creature of universe is at 3 countries border of India, Nepal & Tibet. But its boon of Shiva that ॐ is visible from India side only.

Jageshwar Dham

Jageshwar Dham Temple is ancient temple where Shiva himself & Saptarshis meditated. In ancient era, this Temple had energy to fulfill all wishes. Consists of more than 100 temples, its believed that this place still has spiritual power to fulfill all genuine wishes.


Neeb Karoli Baba Ashram

Famous Neem Karori Baba is believed as an incarnation of Shri Hanuman. Since Hanuman ji was blessed with the boon of never dying, it's believed that Neem Karori Baba is also present there in some form of energy. That's the reason that millions of devotees visit to this place to get blessed with solutions to the problems they are facing.

Chitai Golu Devata Mandir

Chitai Golu Mandir is a unique kind of temple which is famous for a purpose to achieve. This temple's deity Golu Devata is also called God of Justice and people facing legal problems & disputes visit this temple to put application in front of Golu Devata in his Temple.

Patal Bhuvaneshwar

This mysterious temple is mainly dedicated to God Shiva & also called Cave Temple. It exists under the ground & discovered in Treta Yug. In Dwapar Yug, Pandavas also discovered it again. This natural rock temples have almost every deity in it & is believed to be replica of ancient pilgrimage places.

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