God of Gods SHIVA The Supreme Power

God of Gods: SHIVA The Supreme Power

What is the Power of Lord Shiva?

People name this as spirituality. Spirituality is addressed as a specific practice or belief and the act of worshipping God. Each and every religion has one such practice and beliefs. Likewise, for Hindus, it is Lord Shiva. Rigveda fortify the unification of the three divine beings, Brahma, the creator; Vishnu, the perpetuator of existence and Mahesh (Shiva), the first yogi who is regarded to maintain good and destroy evil. He is usually worshipped as God of Gods. He is a living God of the Hindu religion.

The ultimate Supreme power

Shiva is a Supreme power and known for his third element in Trimurti. The first and second members are Brahma and Vishnu. Each member in the Trimurti or Trinity possesses some responsibility whereas Shiva has the responsibility of maintaining the life cycle in this world. This being his responsibility, his symbol is lingam meaning reproductive power, and his mount is Nandi – a bull. Lord Shiva is also said to be a half-man and a half-woman and named as Ardhanarishwara. Shiva is present in various temples and various forms – Shiva alone on few temples, Shiva and his divine consort Parvati in many temples and he is worshipped in Ardhanarishwara look in certain temples. Hence it is believed that Shiva is the supreme god. 

Seeking Lord Shiva’s blessings to lead a better life

How difficult is seeking blessings from Shiva? Well, it is as difficult as climbing mountains as a single person, and that’s how this Yatra is too. He is not only popular among Indians, but he is extremely popular among all nationalities. Across India, we have a lot of Shiva temples that people worship on a daily basis, but the one located in the Himalayas has its own significance. Lord Shiva is present in the form of Ice and Hindus consider this as a spiritual tour or pilgrimage. For Hindus, this is the holiest shrines and a must-visit for all of them. It is not that easy to reach this place called Amaranath where Lord Shiva’s iced lingam is installed. To seek his blessings, a huge number of followers takes a lot of risks and reaches there. It takes immense care to be there as it is located amidst mountains. To reach Amarnath caves people need to be prepared physically and they also undergo all the medical tests. A person who is physically fit is only allowed for this Yatra. We have certain Poojas for Shiva, and it has to be done in a cleaner way. As a matter of respect towards God, the person performing these poojas must not be a non-vegetarian.

Worshipping Lord Shiva at Amarnath

Amarnath is a shrine that is in Jammu and Kashmir, and it is situated at an altitude of more than 3,000 meters. The cave is surrounded by mountains and most of the time snowflakes cover the mountains. It is chiefly advised not to visit this place during fall and winter. Except for a few months in the summer, all the other days the mountains are covered with snow. Most of the Hindus consider this as a holy pilgrimage annually and visit this place once in a year. Though this is hard to travel every year, they make an annual pilgrimage to seek the blessings from the ice stalagmite, Shiva.

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