About Mount Kailash

About Mount Kailash

About Mount Kailash

The place where the four parallel religions bend their paths to meet the holiness of this world is a place to visit at least once in this lifetime. Mount Kailash is not just a mere mountain of stone and snow; it is a cluster of belief, spirituality, religion and hope. And day by day this pile is getting enormous with its mysticism and splendidness.

Sitting in the corner of south-western Tibet, dominating a large part of the region with its magnificence, Kailash rises at an elevation of 6638m(21778 ft) which is among the highest parts of the Himalayas. It is not just the home of the four different religions (Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Bon religion), but the great Kailash also has four rivers flowing in four directions within 50km of range. The great Sutlej to west, Brahmaputra to east, Karnali to south and Indus flows to the north. And thus the great Kailash is also known as ‘Meru’ which means the navel of the earth.

The Mansarovar Kailash is one the holiest place for the Hindus, according to the legends it was the place where lord Shiva lived for years and still. Shiva the lord of destruction and creation resides at its peak along with his wife Parvati in a state of perpetual meditation. The mountain is defined as the pillar of the world because it is located at the heart of the six mountain ranges representing a lotus. The Kailash also has a narrative in the Puranas which dictates that the four faces of Mount Kailash are made of Crystal, Ruby, Gold and Lapis Lazuli.

Every year thousands of people from all across the world make their pilgrimage to Kailash to bathe in the divine Mansarovar Lake which is located at the foot of the holy mountain. The lake has a circumference of 110km which the tourists and locals cover in one single day to get washed away from their sins, not just of this birth but of the last 7 births. And if they do it for 108 times, they attain Nirvana or Moksha or Salvation which in real term means one’s own paradise.

Around the great mountain there are many other places for the pilgrims to visit, one of which is the divine Gauri Kund, a group of 5 natural small reserves with emerald green water. The lake is known as the lake of compassion and holds very significant importance in the Hindu religion. It is said that the goddess Parvati used to bathe in the lake and here only the lord of good fortune the great Ganesha was born. Apart from Gauri Kund; Trirthapuri, Yam Dwar, Asthapad, Siwasthal and Tarboche are few other tourist destination near the Kailash.

The greatness of the mountain cannot be truly explained or understood through mere words. It only can be grasped by feeling the aura of the place inside the heart, which can only happen when you are at Mount Kailash.


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