Four Faces Of Mount Kailash

Four Faces Of Mount Kailash

Four Faces Of Mount Kailash

Kailash the huge establishment of faith, religion, spirituality, hope and love to the almighty locate itself in the center of the earth spreading the wisdom and love to all the nooks and corners. The great Kailash has a huge fondness to the number ‘4’. The Kailash is the home of four great religions of this world; Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Bon religion. The four rivers Sutlej, Brahmaputra, Karnali and Indus emerge from the divine Kailash in the four different directions dividing the world into four parts.

And this is not the end, Mansarovar Kailash is also known for its four eminent faces. So steep and sharp, all the edges of each face is strictly oriented to the cardinal points which means that each face is perfectly facing one of the directions completely on axis. According to a narrative in the Puranas, it is said that each face of Kailash is made of a different Jewel, Crystal, Ruby, Gold and Lapis Lazuli. The north is gold, the south is Lapis Lazuli, the east is crystal and the west is ruby. It is said that the four faces of Kailash depicts four different emotions. The southern face reflects majesty or splendor and it is fully covered with snow. The western face embraces the aura of compassion and benevolence. The northern face is stark, forbidding and daunting, while the eastern, only visible from a long way off, is mysterious and distant. During the 3 days of Parikarma all the faces are seen completely.

And all these mysterious and distinguished faces make it nearly impossible to ascend the great Kailash.

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